Is your home or business in the North Bay area in need of masonry repair services? If so, look no further than Zaps Masonry Contracting. For the last several years, myI have offered the highest quality masonry repair services in the area at an unbeatable rate.

Stonework has a ton of long term benefits, including the ability to last for years, but you must remember that it is porous and therefore susceptible to water infiltration. When water is absorbed, the problems must be addressed right away to avoid permanent structural damage.

When you get Zaps Masonry Contracting’s reliable masonry repair on the case, it won’t be long before your North Bay home or business’s stonework looks as good as new. Not only do I have the skills, qualifications and experience to conduct the necessary repairs, but my policy is to always carry out repairs that make sense for your budget. Just another way I can help make a difference in the lives of North Bay residents.


Brick walls and fixtures are a beautiful addition to any home and make businesses more inviting, but maintaining their aesthetic value isn’t as easy as it might seem. When the mortar in your bricks starts to crack, recede and fall out of the joints, it means that you need to chisel out the existing mortar and trowel in the new. This is a process known as repointing.

This might seem like a simple enough job, but it requires an incredible level of attention to detail, the right tools and the right materials to avoid damaging the brick and permanently compromising the integrity and appearance of wall.

Rather than risk doing more damage to your walls or other brickwork by taking these matters into your own hands, trust the professional at Zaps Masonry Contracting. I know the materials, tools and best practices to apply .


One of the most common repair jobs I am contacted about are chimney repairs. Masonry chimneys require periodic maintenance to repair cracks in the crown area and deteriorated mortar joints, especially with the sections above the roof. Because your home or business’s chimney is exposed to the elements, and often can have water running down the insides, it is more likely degrade faster than other brick you have on your property.

By letting me conduct the necessary repointing as well as provide you with any weatherproofing expansions to keep water from degrading the chimney, you can preserve the integrity of your home or business’s chimney for many years to come.


Knowing that your brick or stone work can benefit from Zaps Masonry Contracting’s expert masonry repair services can be difficult if you don’t have much experience in masonry. So, if you suspect that there’s something wrong, don’t hesitate to give me a call. When you do, I will be glad to conduct a thorough inspection of your masonry work and recommend how to proceed.