Masonry Restoration in Oshawa

One of the best things about living in Oshawa is the historic buildings that line our streets. These buildings have stood tall against the test of time and add incredible character to our collective aesthetic. And while these historic buildings may be stunning to look at it, they can be a real headache to those of you who actually own them. When older brick, granite or stone buildings start to deteriorate, the only way to revitalize these buildings is to provide it with masonry restoration services.

Unfortunately, like the historic buildings in Oshawa, masonry restoration services are not all made equal. It takes a deft, properly trained hand to conduct a proper masonry restoration. Incorporating new and salvageable materials is not an easy task, which is why if you want your building to continue to look stunning for many years to come, you are in good hands when you choose Zaps Masonry Contracting to restore your commercial or residential building’s masonry.

Zaps Masonry Contracting’s skilled masons have been successfully restoring the brick, stone and granite of all types of buildings all over the Oshawa area. Our experience with masonry restoration is second to none. Whenever we are contracted to restore a building in the area, we take the time to carefully research and study the structure so that we can confidently proceed with the best materials and techniques to make the facade look as good as new.

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How We Restore Masonry

At Zaps Masonry Contracting, we have a number of different techniques we use to restore commercial and residential structures or buildings to their former glory. It all ultimately depends on the present integrity of the structure. After we have conducted a full assessment of the structure or building in question, we will use either or a combination of:

  • Rebuilding
  • Replacement
  • Tuckpointing
  • Chemical cleaning

Rebuilding involves removing parts of the old masonry section and incorporating both new and salvaged materials. We try to use salvaged materials as often as possible, but it depends on the state that they are in. Some brick and stone are too weathered to be reincorporated.

Replacement differs from rebuilding because it involves completely removing all of the existing masonry and replacing with the new materials. This technique often is cause for pause with certain building owners as they don’t want the look or feel of their building or structure to drastically change through restoration. Luckily, the replacement material is chosen specifically to match the original structure in color and texture.

Tuckpointing is the most common technique we use because it is the repair of mortar on a masonry wall. We use electrical grinders and hand chisels to ground out the mortar joint and then brush and rinse the joints clean.

And finally, chemical cleaning is like a bath for your historic building. We use tailored chemicals to remove pollutants and stains off the facade and then pressure wash the chemicals off.

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